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I know there are many others out there just like me. No matter what your schedule, the number of kids, married, single, working, not working---moms are busy. Life is hectic. And sometimes, the joy of being a mom gets lost in the business of everyday life. Sometimes it helps to share your story. Sometimes it helps to hear someone else’s story. Sharing ideas and tips is the best way all moms can help each other. I’ll start with telling you about myself. I have four beautiful children: three girls and a baby boy. I work full time. I have also been in college full time for the last five years. I have been a stay-at-home mom, a working mom, and a bring-your-baby-to-work-for-the-first-6-months mom. I have been a single mom, and I have been a married mom. I have been a mom living at home with her parents, and I have been a mom out on her own. I have been a dropped-out-of-college mom, a mom with an Associate’s, a mom with a Bachelor’s, and (most recently) a mom working on her Master’s. I say this to let you all know that no matter what in our lives makes us different, we are all still mothers. Sometimes, life brings you unexpected joys and hardships. Life can change in an instant, or it can change slowly over time. No matter where our lives bring us, the most important word from all of these scenarios is “mom”. Through extensive research, creative ideas, and help from others I have learned so much about community resources, education, time saving tips, creative food ideas, ways to de-stress, and ways to work with your children. I sincerely hope that some of what I have learned is very helpful to you, and I hope I am able to learn many other great ideas from this audience of readers.

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