Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Mom's community

Life can be so crazy. Kids can sometimes make us crazy. I feel like every day is a struggle of trying to understand the right and wrong of parenting. Ten years and four children into parenting, I still feel as though I make at least one mistake every day. I am constantly searching for new ideas, tips, and strategies for doing better and learning more. The support of other people is essential to becoming a better mom and person. When I hear that someone else is going through the same problems, it makes it easier to not beat up myself about a mistake I’ve made. The purpose of mistakes is to learn how to do it better. By making mistakes, we learn new ways to do and see everything in our lives. Then, when I finally get it right, I feel that I really earned the right to be proud. The wonderful thing about the age in which we live, is that mothers from everywhere can share their experiences with someone who may be going through the same situation. Suddenly, the sense of loneliness disappears and a large community is built.

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